High Security Locks That Can Leave You in a Jam

Medeco Locks and Commercial Security

For owners of commercial properties, it is important to maintain advanced security measures as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Medeco has a line of high-security locks that are available in a plethora of security grades as well as beautiful finishes.

A majority of Medeco locks come with the feature of a key duplication authorization card that makes it impossible for anyone to request a cylinder change or “rekey” of your locks or to request duplicate keys. While this feature seems not only secure, but also ingenious, it is one of the few flaws Medeco locks suffer from and it also proves to be a huge inconvenience to consumers as well as locksmith companies across the globe.

The Risks of a Key Duplication Authorization Card

Say you own a business and a situation ends on bad terms between yourself and an employee. Upon that employee’s dismissal they refuse to return the company’s keys. Your business is now vulnerable as there is a disgruntled (ex)employee walking around with unlimited access. The most cost-efficient solution to the vulnerability of your business is to get a rekey performed and have new keys cut for the lock to prevent the old one from working. There’s only one problem: you opened your business years ago and the last time you had a locksmith there was when you first opened up. You were thrilled to purchase Medeco locks due to the previously mentioned security features, but now you have no idea where your authorization card is. Without an authorization card, there is nothing our commercial security specialists can do to help you get your business secured again unless you purchase and have all new locks installed.
You spent hundreds of dollars the last time you had your locks installed and you don’t think it’s fair to have to go through the entire process all over again, and here at American Best Locksmith, we don’t think it’s fair either. Many business owners have come to us in need of rekeys for Medeco locks, and unfortunately we have been unable to help them either because the employee who had the authorization card is no longer with them; the locksmith who had their authorization card went out of business; or they do not have a copy of the original Medeco key needed to request an authorization card. After some research we discovered how to obtain a new authorization card from Medeco, but we don’t think that process is all that fair to the consumer either.

How to Obtain a New Authorization Card

The greatest flaw of the key duplication authorization card is the difficult process that customers have to go through in order to receive a new authorization card. The time-consuming process makes the customer’s life more difficult, and also hinders locksmiths from being able to complete service in a timely manner. To obtain a new authorization card one must adhere to the following guidelines which can be found on Medeco’s Site:

  • Request a Release & Indemnity Agreement form from Medeco that needs to be completed, signed, notarized, and returned to Medeco.
  • When sending the Release & Indemnity Agreement back, include an actual Medeco key that can be decoded along with a photocopy of said key. If you do not have access to a key, no authorization will be granted.
  • Must include a $45 processing fee, and all documents must be notarized. No faxes are accepted.
  • If the authorized personnel is no longer present to request the new card there is an additional, extensive procedure that needs to be followed outlined on Medeco’s website.

Depending on your postal service, and if you have all the necessary documentation, this process can take weeks just to have your locks serviced. That’s weeks that your business is left vulnerable to a disgruntled employee. Here at American Best Locksmith, our commercial locksmith team is devoted to keeping your business safe and secure. From the moment you call us your concerns become our top priorities, so it is especially stressful to us that you have to wait weeks on end to have your locks properly serviced because of the inconvenience of Medeco’s authorization process. We feel as though Medeco’s policies need to be amended or there needs to be some type of communication between Medeco and locksmiths that will help provide customers with the service they need and deserve in a timely, convenient manner. Purchasing high-security locks shouldn’t put you in a highly stressful situation. For all your commercial security needs or assistance with your Medeco locks, give American Best Locksmith a call at (215) 330-4900. We would love to hear your opinion on Medeco’s locks, please leave a comment below!