Clean Up Your Home Security this Spring!

home security professionalsWith Spring upon us, and warm weather hopefully around right around the corner, there is no better time to begin your spring cleaning regime, and more importantly, a spring home security check up. Pulling up to your home is a beautiful, stress-relieving feeling. Nothing beats arriving to your secure fortress to unwind after a tedious day of work, taking the kids to soccer, and running innumerable errands. Once you’re home, your body and mind are instantly at ease, and when your guard’s down, is the perfect time for a breach in home security to occur. Here at American Best Locksmith we value your safety and security above everything else, so we asked our team of residential locksmiths, “What’s the best way to keep your home secure?” They provided us with a list of some steps you can take to ensure your home is up-to-date on all security necessities.

1) Have a Home Security Specialist Install High-Security Locks

  • High security locks are of great importance when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure. A simple lock upgrade can be purchasing a deadbolt that latches further into the door to ensure your home security. Another option can be to purchase locks of higher technology such as a smart or electronic lock. While it may seem like a simple task to replace your locks yourself, we recommend hiring the professional residential locksmith Philadelphia trusts: American Best Locksmith. We have a team of Philadelphia home security specialists who can assist you in finding the most secure and affordable high-security locks to keep your family and fortress safe. If you’re confident in your lock-changing skills, then by all means we encourage you to tackle that project as soon as possible to guarantee your security!

2) Call a Locksmith to Conduct a Home Security Inspection

  • home security inspectionAs much as we like to believe that our fortress is always secure and that we know how to keep it as such, sometimes we still need an expert’s eye to ensure everything is as secure as possible. Calling out a professional residential locksmith or home security specialist can help you identify aspects of security that you may overlooked. Weakened locks, lack of window security, garage door security, and even vehicle security are just some of the tasks that a professional home locksmith should be able to assist you with. At American Best Locksmith we know all the ins and outs of home security to provide you with a step-by-step plan to increase and maintain the security of your home.

3) Lost a Key? Time to Change or Re-Key Your Locks!

  • As annoying as it may be to change your locks or get them re-keyed to take a new key, once you’ve misplaced your key, it’s a necessity! You never know who is lurking in the shadows to pick up a lost set of keys right behind you after dropping or forgetting them. The moment you come to the realization that you’ve lost your house keys is the moment you need to spring into action. Calling a residential locksmith out to change or re-key your locks should be one of the top priorities on your list and American Best Locksmith has a team of emergency locksmith experts ready to help you. For those who aren’t familiar, re-keying a lock is a procedure that residential locksmiths will do to rearrange the pins within your existing lock so that it will no longer take the old key you previously had. This method takes a great deal of skill on the technician’s end, and can only be executed so long as you have at least one of the existing keys for the lock. At American Best Locksmith we have a team of residential locksmiths who are expertly trained to perform re-key services on a wide variety of locks.

home security smart lock 4) Invest in Smart Locks

  • Aside from looking and functioning amazingly, smart locks definitely offer an additional and supremely effective layer of security to your home. There are a multitude of smart locks that you can choose to equip your home with to ensure the highest level of security possible. Smart locks by Schlage, Kwikset, and Medeco- to name a few- offer security that is rivaled by none. Certain smart locks can connect to your home security system to integrate your entire set up, and there are even some smart locks that you can program specific codes for certain users, so you can always keep track of who has access to your home and when. In addition to locks that you key the codes in for, there are also locks that you can program to your phone and even hand-held remotes to make entering your home easier on you and harder on unwanted guests. American Best Locksmith is well-equipped with a plethora of smart locks and all the tools and materials needed to provide flawless installations.

5) Everyone’s Favorite Alarm System: A Dog

  • beware of home security dog abl philaJust about everyone loves dogs, so when there’s an excuse to get a new furry addition to your family, of course you’d want to take advantage of it! Dogs are known to be loyal, loving, and, most importantly, protective creatures. At the slightest sound, your trusty companion will perk his ears up, run to the door and immediately alert you either through growling or barking that someone is trying to gain access to your home. In most cases, a “Beware of Dog” sign alone is enough to keep intruders at bay, but if that doesn’t work the sound and/or sight of your pooch should be more-than-enough to deter and wrongdoers from entering your home. Getting a dog is beneficial on so many levels, you get an adorable friend to keep you company at home, and you get unbeatable home security. 10 out of 10 locksmiths at American Best would agree that a pooch is one of the most effective home security methods!

American Best Locksmith: Home Security with You in Mind!

Anytime you’re searching for home security that you can rely on to keep your home and the loved ones within safe, always give American Best Locksmith a call. We take great pride in providing our neighbors in Philadelphia with outstanding, secure, and affordable home security services. From lock re-keying services to extensive home security inspections and complete security makeovers, we’re able to professionally assist you with all the service needs you may have. Never miss a night’s sleep worrying about the safety and security of your home, call American Best Locksmith at (215) 330-4900 to get your home on it’s way to air-tight security so you can enjoy a safe and peaceful night of sleep.

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