Spike in Home Invasions Calls for an Increase in Home Security

Tensions are mounting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania communities by the day. That’s because crime rates in the city’s neighborhoods are on the rise. If you’re a Philadelphia resident who cares about home security and safety in general, you’re likely feeling more than a little stressed out by the current situation. Lawncrest is a “Near” Northeast neighborhood in the city.

The area recently made headlines due to a home invasion. An intense video clip depicted a frightening residential invasion. People who watched the clip saw a woman relaxing on her living room sofa. They then saw an intruder make his way through her front door. The man had a gun and began yelling the woman’s husband’s name. He was joined by another man who was wearing a hood. The pair escaped from the residence with stolen cash. The people of Philadelphia, needless to say, have been extremely rattled by this harrowing video. If you’re a Philadelphia local who wants to defend your home and loved ones, you need to make strong residential security a priority in your life. You can do this by recruiting the assistance of a skilled Philadelphia residential locksmith. Home invasions are becoming more and more prevalent with each passing day. The world can be quite a scary and uncertain place. That’s why you have to do whatever it takes to stay safe and secure at all times. Boosting your home security setup can be a smart and effective strategy for you.

Amping Up Your Residential Security

If you’re looking for a capable residential locksmith who can keep your Philadelphia property safe and sound, you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase in the city. All you have to do is give American Best Locksmith a phone call. We’re a local firm that specializes in a wide range of home locksmith services. We also specialize in emergency, commercial and automotive locksmith work. If you want to optimize the safety of your property, you can count on our lock and key technicians 100 percent. We’re a licensed, insured and bonded business that helps people in Philadelphia with all different types of residential security needs. We can assist you with lock rekeying, lock changing, new lock installation, security camera installation, security safes, master key systems, emergency lockouts and much more. We can help you with all of your high-security lock requests, too. We have a massive assortment of sturdy and dependable high-security locks available to customers. We have many dependable pick-proof locks as well. Our high-security locks can give you extra peace of mind. If you’re unable to sleep soundly at night due to fears of home invasions and other awful situations, investing in high-security lock installation may be able to relax your thoughts. People who want to know more about deadbolts, drill-proof locks and beyond can trust American Best Locksmith completely. Call our company as soon as possible to learn more about our top-quality residential locksmith services in Philadelphia.

High-Security Locks and CCTV

High-security locks can make reliable options for people who want to maximize and improve their home security arrangements. The same goes for CCTV (closed-circuit television) installation. If you want nonstop monitoring of your residence, video surveillance can go a long way for you. Our company provides customers with many top-tier choices in security cameras for their properties. Our selection includes the most modern and technologically advanced options on the market. Our cameras are great for numerous different purposes. They can, first and foremost, discourage potential criminals from even attempting to get inside your home. They can also help pinpoint the identities of criminals who have actually managed to access your residence. If you want to find out exactly who stole the prized antiques in your living room, the addition of a security camera system can help significantly. Although there’s no arguing the helpfulness of video surveillance in homes, it’s impossible to deny the effectiveness of high-security locks, too. If you want your home to be safe as can be, you should talk to our company about your plentiful choices in high-security locks. We offer keypad door locks that don’t require the hassle of keys. We offer sturdy kick-resistant locks that are terrific for burglar-proofing your home. We have bump-proof and pick-proof locks that can stop criminals from being able to successfully bump and pick your locks as well. Our technicians specialize in CCTV and high-security lock installation, upkeep and repair work. Contact us today for more information!

Emergency Home Security Specialists in Philadelphia

Security emergencies are always a possibility. They occur without warning. That’s part of the reason they’re so scary. If you want to be able to handle urgent lock and key dilemmas like a champion, you should remember the name “American Best Locksmith” at all times. We’re a locksmith business that provides Philadelphia residents with access to the most dependable, efficient, speedy and proficient emergency security service around. It’s important for people to focus on residential security at all points of the year. It’s also vital for people to be aware of statistics. Home break-ins tend to be especially common during the summer months. Break-ins don’t usually take place overnight, either. They’re actually most typical between the hours of 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. If you want to protect your property from the chance of break-ins, American Best Locksmith can help you do so regardless of the time. We can also offer you the finest and most attentive round-the-clock emergency assistance in the city. Our on-call lock and key specialists respond to security emergencies quickly at all times of the night and day. If you want to be comfortable, safe and content in Philadelphia, American Best Locksmith is always available to come to your aid. Call our full-service firm as soon as possible for more information regarding our residential locksmith assistance, high-security lock installation and beyond. We’re a friendly, hard-working and detail-oriented Philadelphia residential locksmith business that’s committed to customer satisfaction.